Chef Vs. Puppet

DevOps • 2014-08-06 • 3 Comments


Puppet or Chef? Chef or Puppet? This question has been asked in many companies or in the mind of developers wanting to evolve in deployement.
And, when asked the question about what deployment tool use, answer are usually: "Puppet is better", "Puppet is for pu**y, go Chef!".

After several months using Puppet and do some contributions on Stackforge, I had the desire and need to see what Chef have in the stomach!



Using Hiera with Puppet

DevOps • 2014-02-19 • 1 Comment


Since a few months, I work essentially with Puppet to make continuous deployment.
When I write manifests, some of them specifically aim one or two servers, others servers must do others things.
For example, by putting roles, the database role does not need an apache server, while the frontend role does. Same applies for Openstack, a keystone server has differents needs than an horizon or a glance server.

In short, it quickly becomes harder and not really aesthetic to continually add conditions in all manifests in order to define if yes or no, such and such services must be installed or running on one server and not on another.

Hiera makes Puppet better by keeping site-specifc data out of your manifests. Puppet classes can request whatever data they need, and your Hiera data will act like a side-wide config file.