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Cleanup your Debian configuration files

Linux • 2015-01-04


If you like to keep your computer clean, you may want to cleanup useless configuration files.

I'm going to show you a simple command to purge them.



Escaping special chars within LDAP

Linux • 2013-08-06


When programming against any LDAP backend it’s good to sanitize any user input that may go into a search filter.
A typical case is authentication applications, where an input username or email must be used to resolve a user’s distinct name (DN) in the LDAP directory.

You shouldn’t have to worry about anything on this issue if you’re using Zend Framework 2 properly. The Zend\Ldap\Filter\AbstractFilter class embeds escapeValue() method, which is used specifically for escaping values used in LDAP queries



Stashing your work with git

Linux • 2013-06-08 • 2 Comments


Often when you use git in collaboration, things have some changes and you want to switch branches to work on another tasks. The problem is, you don't want to do a commit of half-done work and don't want to loose what you already do.

So the anwser to this issue is the git stash command.



How to rename a tag in Git?

Linux • 2013-04-19 • 1 Comment


Today, I had the urge to change all my naming conventions tags for GotCms. The old version looked like v0.1.5 but the letter - v - was too much. Then I find a tiny but good solution to rename tags.



Git tricks and tips

Linux • 2013-01-26


I've been using git for one year now and I love it. That's why I'll share with you two or three tricks and tips about this wonderful tool. For information I use git version



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